Friday, April 09, 2010

Living in the Shadow of Insecurity

Just when the people had begun to think that the Union Ministry of Home Affairs was seriously engaged in dealing with the naxal threat, the small sense of satisfaction was shattered on 6th April 2010 by the killing of as many as 76 professional men of the CRPF by the Maoists-naxals in Dantewada in the State of Chhattisgarh, one of the many hotbeds of naxal activities.

The relatively easy manner in which the moving forces were trapped, ambushed and killed like sitting ducks shocked the nation and even the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. Less than two months before, on 15th Feb. 2010 over 25 policemen were killed in an attack on their camp by Maoists in West Bengal.

This worst-yet attack on the security forces by the Maoists has once again shown the Government in poor light.
The Dance of the Demons on 26th Nov. 2008 in Mumbai proved beyond doubt that the Government at that time was utterly incompetent to perform its normal function of ensuring the safety and security of the people from terrorist attacks from outside. Once again the specter of continuing insecurity is haunting the people, this time more particularly in relation to the increasing strength and spread of Maoist-naxal insurgents within. The capability of the Government in having a clear vision, developing a workable strategy and effectively executing it, is in serious doubt.

Everyone, from those directly concerned to experts to arm-chair advisers to the people at large are now engaged in thinking about what might have gone wrong, how the government strategy was faulty, poor leadership, how poorly motivated or trained the forces are, wrong intelligence, and what should be done now. Clearly, the task of tackling growing insurgency in large parts of the country where the writ of The State does not seem to run, is a matter of the deepest concern for all as it challenges the authority of the constitutional governments.

Many approaches have been suggested – long term, short term, heavy hand, hearts and minds, direct, outside-in or inside-out approach etc. Perhaps, the situation in each affected area would present unique ground realities which may require a specific response strategy and plan. There may be lessons to learn from the insurgency in other parts of the world such as Peru (Sendero Luminoso of Guzman). All these are serious issues the consideration of which must be left to the policy makers and experts within the goverment. What is undeniable is that the use of the regular army or the air force should be the very last resort (other than logistical support) because apart from the fact that their minds are trained for warfare of a different kind altogether, their use would seriously question the government's ability to deal with our internal problems. What is equally undeniable is that the forces must be properly trained and motivated and provided with the necessary weapons and wherewithal. Considering the growing influence of the naxals, it may even call for a force within the CRPF and the forces of the States, specifically trained for anti-naxal operations.

The most important issue that needs to be answered arising from this latest affront to our national cohesion is:


When it became clear that the entire operation planned for an objective had gone wrong, the Minister of Home Affairs, Chidambaram, accepted moral responsibility and on his own offered to resign. In all probability, the resignation offer is just a public acknowledgement of the gravity of the event and not meant to be acted upon. This comes days after Chidambaram incurred the anger of the West Bengal Chief Minister for having told him that the buck for failure in dealing with naxal situations in West Bengal stopped with the latter.

But the latest event is not a pointer to who really is responsible. The prime responsibility for the constant fear of insecurity which the people feel and which, unfortunately, is even more strengthened by events such as Dantewada, is the total lack of seriousness of the UPA govt. led by Congress and absence of a clear view on terrorism and naxals for over five years. The casual approach, paralysis and paranoia of the previous UPA government are continuing to harm the country and will continue to do so for years to come.

The country is paying dearly for the absence of a clear view on terrorism by the UPA Government led by Congress. The benumbed response to terrorism and internal security issues in general over the last five years provided ample time and opportunity for the Maoists to get emboldened and get entrenched in newer areas as well.

While Chidambaram has accepted his moral responsibility, as he should, the person who really should be accountable but is not, is the Puppeteer Sonia Gandhi. In common perception, the lack of policy on terrorism was influenced largely by her paranoid but false fears of losing votes. Beyond that, the lady committed a cardinal blunder by nominating as Home Minister a thoroughly incompetent Shivraj Patil, purely on the basis of his sartorial foppery and blind loyalty to her family. In over four years of his continuance as the Home Minister, Patil excelled himself to achieve the distinction of being responsible for the darkest period in the internal security of the country. He proved himself to be the worst Home Minister in our history, much like another colleague from his home state, Sharad Pawar, who has distinguished himself as the worst Agriculture Minister ever. ( see here)

Chidambaram, who has mercifully been divested of the Finance Portfolio, is down to doing his job as the Home Minister with a commitment that was completely absent in his predecessor, Shivraj Patil. To what extent Chidambaram succeeds only time will tell but he is certainly not warming his chair like Sonia Gandhi’s nominee. That Patil submitted his resignation with reluctance and Chidambaram has done it on his own, speaks volumes about Patil. That he has since been given a gubernatorial position speaks volumes about Sonia Gandhi.

It is just as well that Chidambaram has accepted that the buck stops with him. Sonia Gandhi who must share the blame for the internal security situation as it developed over the last five years is basking in the false glory showered by her sycophants for the women’s reservation etc. Did she express one word of remorse or sympathy? No Sir, she is made of sterner stuff. She cannot be bothered with the safety and security of the people. She is concerned only with bouquets, not the buck, which must stop somewhere else.


It cannot be said with any certainty that the entire Government is of one clear view on terrorism and naxalism. What, if any, is the stated policy of the Government on these two aspects must be clearly enunciated. And its implementation in right earnest must be there for all to see. Sadly, the Government has never appeared to be clear about its position as can be seen from the following full page advertisement that was released after the Dance of the Demons in November 2008.

The headlines scream :

(which Gandhi is meant? why not Mahatma Gandhi?)

It goes on to say:

No Force is Strong Enough to Challenge the Idea of India

And the meaningful lines:

The Mumbai Terror Attack Was an Audacious Assault on India’s Prestige and an Affront to its People.

Is this an advertisement by the terrorists proclaiming their success? May be something similar would have been conveyed to the motivators of the attack by the executors of the project after successfully achieving this objective!



This is a prime example of an advertisement with utterly mindless content and without realising the import of what message was being conveyed. The main objective, of course, was to somehow show the face of Sonia Gandhi centrestage in a Government Advertisement at public expense of over one crore rupees.

If the views of those in Government have not changed much, the people may see another advertisement shortly, at least half page, as visualized below.

May the People Keep Eternal Vigil Themselves!


At April 09, 2010, Blogger BK Chowla, said...

It is very unfortunate that 76 lives had to be lost.
It is a wider issue.Is the govt ready for such an adventure ?What one has been reading in the press and Army Chief's statement shows that we are not yet ready.
And, so long as our self proclaimed VIPs are safe,what does it matter to them.

At April 09, 2010, Anonymous sm said...

very sad incident,
and this is total failure of planning.

At April 09, 2010, Anonymous Sujata Das said...

i say this congress party govt. is the worst and as long as sonia gandhi is there, we ill move from one disaster to another while she enjoys the sycophants' praises.

At April 09, 2010, Blogger Ashok Kadam said...

Slowly I get a feeling that the current Indian government is becoming impotent and lazy. Ministers do talk about eradicating Terrorism. Why is there an exception in treating the Naxalites in India? Sit calm, talk to them, negotiate and try to fulfill their needs if possible!

At April 09, 2010, Blogger Basudeb Sen said...

Excellent outburst against government failure to stop Maoists from killing massacres.
It is no longer living in the shadow of insecurity: it is now living in insecurity. It is now for the masses to act together to help themselves secure security.
Only unashamed politicians and government officials still feed themselves on taxpayers money with no contribution to make to the society. Since these people are the most incapable and incompetent to deal with so many things, let them forget all other things like economic development, National Rual Employment Gurantee Scheme, Women's Bill, Reservation, Asian Games, Tax collections and all that for the next three years. Let 70% of the government employess be redeployed to only work under the military just to battle with the Maoists in the respective areas in the States of West Bengal, Chattirgarh, Jharkahnd and Orrisa. All the state governments and the central government employees of less than 35 years age should be transfered immediately to the Jungles just to outnumber the Maoists.

At April 09, 2010, Blogger keepcool said...

what about the man who has brought the country to this stage and is enjoying the luxuries of governorship?

At April 09, 2010, Blogger Dr. VIDYUT KATAGADE said...

That's said within days of Dantewada Mess overcoming professional fighters (CRPF personnel) tested elsewhere. Why press they into service with confused intent?
How I wish Shivraj Patil were governing Chattisgarh at this moment! Former HM might've made OPERATION GREEN HUNT turn OPERATION GREEN-HORN more effectively.
That present HM brings the current rift between top Congress on one hand, and competent politicians on the other in focus might help him seek more teeth for his task. He needs NO rehabilitation but a firm support at least from within. RPRoodi (BJP) came up with right signals by NOT allowing Congress projection of the so-called Socio-Economic Problem underlying Naxal issue, denying to admit Law & Order prescription in the same breath.
Immediate (or ensuing) move to ease current HM out, without giving his 'men and means' a fair trial may please a 'vote-hungry' Congress higher ups, but it will be akin to equating 'labour lost' before showing results, as 'obvious inability' to do so. The two have to be segregated and NOT huddled, as is likely to happen in haste of hymns sung for higher ups.
Naxal ailment is chronic and almost untreated for Vote Politics. It is even pampered to an extent by some like 'our Rail-riders' whom it suits in bits & pieces. How would results show up so early in the game of wits & valour? Old guards at Naxalbari [Kanu Sanyal] are calling it 'quits' and perhaps, rules of their game are being revised. Just when the machinery is being guided and geared up from the other side, a hostile party is bound to throw up a wild game even as a desperate trail. That would most likely be a solitary juggle to churn up emotions that will not build a 'sustaining pressure'. The opportunity for HM is now [or never], and he has shown intents admitting that miscalculations may have occurred. His objectivity needs to be noted and his ideas tried out at least.
We should be firmly behind HM in his trying moments.

At April 10, 2010, Anonymous Carmen Rocha, Mumbai said...

@ dr. katgade

well said about mr. shivraj patil, the nobrains robot owned by ms. sonia gandhi

At April 10, 2010, Blogger korangu said...

The Center wants to wash off its hands on all responsibilities of internal and external security.The naxals and maoists are running aparellel government which is a threat to freedom of the nation butwho is there to take up the issue and act in such a way that the Naxals are exterminated?
The Chief of Air Staff was sympathysing with the naxls saying that they are our own people.Do you consider these murderers your own people? what kind of chief is he?Just as the forgotten 25 policeman these 62 martyrs will also be fogotten soon .How to awaken this country from its deep slumber? Ordinary people are busy surviving against unprecedented price rise and stte governments have no funds. The center is very casual and satisfied with shedding afew crocodile tears. GOD awaken my countrymen to the crisis.

At April 10, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

correction lat sentence you shud say
"God awaken this thickskinned Govt."

At April 10, 2010, Blogger kick-da-scoundrels said...

Dr. Basudeb Sen

Well said. your radical idea no doubt comes from frustration of seeing this worthless Govt. claiming successes all the time while actually pushing the country more and more in difficulties.

At April 10, 2010, Blogger anupknair said...

In the 2nd advertisement, it seems to appear as if Madam Sonia is Mother India with her right hand raised as if to reassure the country that we all have her blessings. Oh, I feel so safe with this constant eternal vigil by Mother India.

At April 10, 2010, Blogger vasu said...

It is sad that CRPF jawans got killed instead of our netas.I have neither faith nor respect for Chidambaram.He messed up Finance & has moved to Home now.

Has anybody anaylsed why the problem of Naxalism is there ? Because,we,as the Government have looted the tribals of minersls,raped their women ,killed & maimed them all in the name of development.So ,a revolt was sure to happen.It will become a revolution soon,if, we continue to build a nation for the rich whilst millions keep falling into the abyss of poverty & hunger.

At April 11, 2010, Blogger keepcool said...

about comments by anupnair, such pictures are deliberately taken and circulated by madame's sycophants with full blessings of the madame (who wants only all credit for herself) to create a halo around her.

At April 11, 2010, Anonymous ataur khan said...


her benevolent blessings are also there for the maoists.

At April 12, 2010, Blogger Kapil Gosain said...

Now when my dear countrymen inculding the author of the post is done with cribbing against the Congress government, let us talk about the country.
It is indeed sad and unfortunate to have lost our trained professionals but do we realize that it is not just the government and ministers to blame but also the common man. Do we not allow the naxalites to transfer weapons from the borders to inside the country. Do we really not know where the naxalites are? When the media goes to speak to their leaders, can we not fit them with GPS chips and find out their locations? We can do all this, but we do not cause the best part of democracy is to sit back and blame somebody for the mishaps. And we enjoy doing it.
Its time we wake up, Stop cribing, and publish articles bashing the government. I would have been more pleased if the author would have also given his thoughts on how to deal with the problem rather than bashing up others.
Sad the coomon man supports such people. Its your country guys and you select them to rule you. Dont just sit and crib, Wake up.
To see the world change, you need to change yourself first !!1

At April 12, 2010, Blogger Lokadhikar said...

@kapil Gosain

Perhaps the article hasn't been carefully read, including the bottom line which reads:

May the People Keep Eternal Vigil Themselves!

It is not about cribbing, People have a right to vent their feelings when the Govt. allows problems to assume such huge proportions and acts without proper vision, strategy, plan and execution. The common man can hardly do all this.

As to giving suggestions, a common man is not an expert to propose arm chair solutions on such complex issues. These have to be worked out by those having intimate knowledge, which is obviously the Executive. Do please carefully read the paragraph "Many approaches..." where some thoughts have been presented.

Again, the common man is not competent to work out the solutions though many ideas have been floated by those not in Govt. who think they can make the Govt. follow their suggestions. It is for the elected representatives in Govt. and the administration to finally take decisions. That's what they are for.

Appreciate your writing.

At April 12, 2010, Anonymous narayansami, chennai said...

i dont agree with mr gosain.

people must say what they think. in democracy criticism by the people to make governments perform better is an essential element.

Your anger against common man hardly makes sense when you write :

"Do we not allow the naxalites to transfer weapons from the borders to inside the country."

Do you mean to say that common man is allowing all this? Does he have the capbility to stop what the security forces cant?

And should reporters act as spies? They are taking great personal risk even by talking to the naxals.

At April 16, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel pained to think of the 76 families which have lost their life support and will be suffering for the rest of their ives. recently i saw a captain of military being paid Rs2000/-as pension.Can you imagine what these soldiers families will get.probbly Rs 500/- a month. The government of Sonia Gandhi is happy with that.The congress is busy naming all the gutters as Gandhi duct etc
This is a muslim family masqurading as Gandhi?
When china decides to invade all these gandhis will disappear leaving poor Indians to face the Music. Ours is not ademocracy. it is fraudulent dynastic rule.

At June 07, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

China is working internally and externally to establish maoist regime on long as people keepvoting for sonia Gandhi and congress and so do long as we have dummy prime minister we cannot tackle maoism.Where do the Maoists get funds and ammunition? some one is surely ensuring supply. Chidambaram is busy in thinking of ways to tax air also as predicted by chrchil long back.


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