Friday, May 15, 2009

Election Vignettes

As the insane struggle for seeking power to form the next Government has already begun, it may perhaps be a good last opportunity to have a light-hearted look at some Election Vignettes. These random images inevitably revolve around the party that has been engaged in bravado, bluff and bluster yet scarcely able to hide its recurring bouts of desperation and panic which are clearly evident from its harried actions to seek help from all and sundry.

Inviting others - with Olive Branch (Italian or Swiss Olives?)

Come one, come all

Over the last few years, that Party is beginning to resemble a Circus. Unlike a Circus, however, there are no real Lions. The only Lions are Lion (Singh) by name or sheep, lambs, cats, mice or other domesticated types in Lion’s or Tiger’s clothing but cowering at the crack of the Ringmaster’s whip. Many other species including the wild types also could be spotted if one looked hard enough. (see also here and here) If a name has to be given to this Circus, it can be called Snow White’s Circus. Snow White is to show the Party’s current awe for white skin and because there are so many dwarfs surrounding the Ringmaster-Owner that the name would be quite apt.

Now for the Election Vignettes...

A tale (and tails) of many purring Lions (Singhs)

A whip and a chair
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Learning the Tricks

At the top of the Lions (Singhs) is naturally Manmohan Singh, the Madame’s pro tempore choice as Prime Minister.

Many words have been spoken by others and by Manmohan Singh himself to show in words how he is not weak. In the height of election campaigning, it was the Party’s secondary campaign theme. The fact that it has to be said over and over again is a good enough indication of the strength of the assertions. It is also to be recognized that having strength and having the guts to use the strength on one’s own are two different things. So also, is there a difference between “strong” and “not weak” but these subtleties are of no consequence when people have reached their own conclusions.

Sad Story of another Singh (Lion)

The saddest part of these elections as far as the one-time stalwart Arjun Singh is concerned, was the denial of tickets to his son as well as daughter. He met this fate despite his loyalty to the party. During the high drama surrounding the anti-reservation stir, he was the one who bore the brunt of the students' ire. Shrewd that he is, he was trying to earn credit for himself. But it cannot be denied that the Party too was keen to ride on this vote-catching yet short-sighted policy action. In the fag end of his career, where he is himself virtually incapacitated, he would have hoped that the least the Party could do for him was to give tickets to his children in keeping with the tradition of dynastic succession. And who else in the same boat (children of senior Partymen) were given tickets?

Rahul Gandhi
Sachin Pilot
Jyotiraditya Scindia
Jitin Prasada
Milind Deora
Priya Dutt

And how are any of these ‘worthies’ more qualified than Arjun’s children? No wonder that Arjun Singh was hurt. But again being a Lion only in name, the foxy-lamb just cowered and sulked and wept and stuck to his Chair to clear some important appointments of favorites in the last few days.

The other Singhs

Natwar Singh, Madhavsinh Solanki, Karan Singh, Digvijay Singh, Shanker Singh Vaghela were/are the other Singhs in the Party– some of whom already met similar fate as Arjun Singh and others will face the same. It is not enough to be called a Singh or to simply don Lion’s clothing if in the end, one can only whimper at the mere sound of a whip.

Lions from other Forests

The other two Singhs who found themselves to be at the receiving end of the Party’s ‘use-and-abuse’ culture while not even being in the Party, are:
Mulayam Singh and his all-purpose, all-important Amar Singh.

Forgetting the past so soon....

Yet, learn they will not and will fall once again in the trap and repent later, once more. These are the people that keep alive the proverb “History repeats itself”.

Of Rahul

What can be said of him. Not known to be a person of any proven capabilities and a GRAD (generally recognized as dull), he is suddenly being thrust into the centrestage and touted as the most capable person in his party. He is made to rub shoulders and share the stage with Manmohan Singh, one of the most highly respected persons in his own field of knowledge and a person to whom Rahul cannot hold a candle. As a sort of quid pro quo for the family acknowledging Manmohan Singh as not a weak Prime Minister, even the latter was obliged to say in public that Rahul had all the qualities of being a good Prime Minister, the prime quality being, of course, that he is Madame's son. The fact that the Party as a whole has become an enthusiastic spectator to this spectacle only shows that those bereft of capability, sycophants, opportunists and other assorted hangers- on who are apparently in the majority in the Party, are interested only in blindly following the Party Owner's wish as their command. The Party of Tall Men and Women who created it in the past, appears to have become a Party of pygmies and dwarfs with even smaller minds.

Chinese Feng-shui may be passé
There are some alernatives available, though.

Indian Fenk-Shoe-yee

This is the alternative not acceptable to politicians who know that in this variation of the Feng-shui, they will only get what they deserve and what the people want them to get, not what they want.

Italian Feng Shoeee - the new fancy?

Gucci, Prada, Ferragamo...$279-587
Many leaders in this major political party may be looking at a new Feng Shoee where the lucky charm to be kept at home to bring luck are Designer Italian Ladies shoes. These could be just placed at some special place or displayed in the living room. Some day, perhaps, the Italian Dame Luck may smile upon the person having the right shoes in his/her possession.

A Presto.


At May 15, 2009, Blogger veerubhai said...

It was a real feast on the Eve of Election results,a real juicy political satire on the "GREAT ZAMBOO CIRCUS OF ITALIAN VARIETY",

At May 15, 2009, Blogger Dr. Amar Jyoti said...

beautiful hilarious depiction of the vulgar reality.

At May 16, 2009, Anonymous Namita Guha said...

brilliant presentation!!

it is sad that the people have decided to return these jokers once more.

At May 16, 2009, Anonymous Manosijo said...

What to say ......I do not know. As a rule I must 'appreciate'. But I think the word 'insane'in the very beginning is best applied to commoners than politicians. Politicians are just representatives of those (in your word) 'insane' average Indians who are generally very selfish and prefer to point their incriminating finger at others. Eh...sorry to spoil the party !!!

At May 17, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

insane =mad

nothing wrong with the choice of word.

At May 17, 2009, Blogger Ankit Poddar said...

great post there, really well put!

btw, i have started writing on Politics as well, and wish to bring in some humor like you!

please make a visit, and let me, what you think of it!

and if you could blog roll us, all the better!

At May 21, 2009, Blogger Vidya Sury said...

hehe. very cool. thanks for the treat. Swearing in first....and then swearing AT....what? :-D

At May 22, 2009, Blogger Dr. shyam gupta said...

---We too are to be told as insane b'cause , politicians too are from us, sent by us ,and JHELOPHY by us.
---when people are tired of daily hotch-potch ,hocus-focus of life & do not want to think deeply, have no time from their bread and butter ; they go to take rest and enjoy in circus, & so they did.
--- see real NATAK-special plastic TASLAA for Rahul'head.
----very good analysis and speculation, but what should be done ?

At May 22, 2009, Blogger worldofvishwa said...

"But I think the word 'insane' in the very beginning is best applied to commoners than politicians.", somebody commented.
He is right, i would request him not to forget the spectators of the circus which has proven to be the most popular. So if the ring master is insane, the spectators must be non- sane, I mean nonsensical.

The piece is a brilliant work of wit, satire and humour, the trinity that rules todays literature. It is a difficult style to master and present, as has been done.
Please carry on and thou shalt succeed in the world, not only in India.
Vishwa Mohan Tiwari

At May 22, 2009, Blogger sheilaa said...

what a brilliant perspective to the world of feng got my attention no doubt!
from a feng shui consultant no doubt!

At June 10, 2009, Anonymous Funtoosh Lucknowi said...

very good.

laloo prasad yadav used the same song in loksabha on 9.6.09 which you have used for mulayam/amar singh.

"matlab nikal gaya hai to woh jaante nahin"

well done.

At December 09, 2010, Blogger prashhanthkpp said...

Hahaha, a wonderful dramatization and justifiably blatant mockery of our current Political pitfall. A circus indeed. In short, depicts the sad state of affairs of a conglomerate run by Italian/Indian Looters! Well done!


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