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The National Airline Carriers - a sense of shame

on horseback in the 21st Century?

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The results of various surveys related to the world of Civil Aviation conducted by Skytrax, a well-regarded consultancy, bring no cheers to our National Carriers. In fact, they only serve to highlight the dismal showing of the two National Carriers and to deepen our sense of shame as a nation. For, neither Air India nor Indian Airlines find a place anywhere amongst the Best Airlines Internationally or Regionally, judged by ANY of the criteria used for the surveys.

The results are based on over 12 million responses during the course of a year from passengers who are nationals of 94 countries.

The Airlines of much smaller countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and UAE find their place in the Roll of Honors while India, the largest Democracy in the world, earns no credit. To their merit, two Indian private carriers Jet and Sahara do find place as two of the first three Best Airlines India/South Asia region, the third being Sri Lankan Airlines.

The details that follow highlight the 'no-show' of the National Carriers in every poll for the Awards for the year 2005.

10 Best Overall

1. Cathay Pacific 6. Malaysia Airlines
2. Qantas Airways 7. Thai Airways
3. Emirates 8. Qatar Airways
4. Singapore Airlines 9. Asiana Airlines
5. British Airways 10. ANA All Nippon Airways

3 Best By Class of Service (Intercontinental)

First Class Business Class Economy Class
1. Cathay Pacific 1. British Airways 1. Malaysia Airlines
2. Singapore Airlines 2. South African Airways 2. Emirates
3. Malaysia Airlines 3. Virgin Atlantic 3. Singapore Airlines

7 Best Cabin Staff

1. Asiana Airlines 5. Qatar Airways
2. Thai Airways 6. China Airlines
3. Malaysia Airlines 7. Air Tahiti Nui
4. Singapore Airlines

3 Best Catering (Intercontinental)

First Class Business Class Economy Class
1. Gulf Air 1.Gulf Air 1. Thai Airways
2. Cathay Pacific 2. Continental 2. Austrian
3. Swiss 3. bmi British Midland 3. Saudi Arabian

5 Best Inflight Entertainment

1. Emirates 4. Cathay Pacific
2. Singapore Airlines 5. Malaysia Airlines
3. Virgin Atlantic

If proof was needed, the above provides ample proof of the fact that the managements and the employees of the National Carriers continue to sit like lame ducks and the Government continues with its dithering over augmenting the fleet while even the truly small airlines overtake us in performance in every sphere.

It will require more than any single Minister's determination to bring up the National Carriers to a level where every Indian can be proud of these national assets on which over the years, the tax payers' hard-earned billions have been spent. It will require the entire Government's determination to achieve this. The faceless mandarins of the concerned ministry also need to start doing what they should be doing, instead of interfering in the managements of the Airlines.

And finally, unless the EMPLOYEES of these Airlines to the last person, are also prepared to give their best and commit themselves to the tasks ahead, it will not be long before the Airlines will disappear in the oblivion. If they do not wake up, they can expect no sympathy or succor from any source. Let them show their mettle, which has not been in sight so far!

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At June 11, 2005, Anonymous srinivasan from Singapore said...

For sure, other Asian airlines are far more enterprising. Malaysia airlines is flying to 8 destinations in China, enjoying between 70-85% workload depending on airport. It is adding 4 more destinations in China. Even its India flights have increased from 14 in 2004 to 30 per week.
After adding three more secondary destinations viz. Amrtisar, Thiruvanathapuram and Kochi, it will cover ten cities.
How come the Indian airlines do not find this business??

At June 18, 2005, Anonymous Joachim D'Sa said...

What I am surprised about is how can so many new airlines start up for domestic sector? Does it mean that IA are deliberately giving up the opportunity?


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