Sunday, June 05, 2005

FDI in Retail....Beware!

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The Government seems to be merrily going about maneuvering and preparing the gullible public for introducing FDI in Retail.

The area which should cause the maximum concern for the public is the Government's determination to introduce FDI in Supermarket and Food Products Retail.

The Government as well as the other political parties who are not in the Government - whether allies or opposition - appear to be oblivious of the Gobal scenario and the dangers posed by the enormous concentration of power that is taking place in the food related businesses and the concerns it is creating world wide. If the Global picture is indeed within the knowledge of the Government, it is apparently choosing to ignore the same for some reasons.

Presented below is a small listing of Websites that bear careful study, before the country jumps headlong into something that it cannot undo later:

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Agribusiness Accountability Initiative
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Impact of Corporate Power in Food System
Data on Agribusiness and Retail Concentration
Responses to Corporate Power in the Food System
Food Inc.
TNCs and the Global Food System
Multinational Concentrated Food Processing
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Mergers and Concentration in Food Retailing

Continuing concentration in food industries global strategies..

The American Consumer and the Changing Structure of the Food..
Impacts of Supply Chain Management on Competition
The Impact of competition on the Retail Food Sector
Competition and Retail Food Markets

Perspectives on Global Concentration and Public Policy
Consolidation in Food Retailing
and other articles on this site
and this site
Pullitzer Prize 2004 - Retail Grocery articles
more Walmart
still more Walmart
Acres for Wal-Mart
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Who calls the Shots in Global Economy
On Urban sprawl

Some information on China's FDI Inflows:
This site

Also here and here and here

These articles are not cited to cause alarm, just to sound a note of caution.

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At July 21, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wal mart finally seems to be winning. So much for Government's 'caring for Indian interests'!


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