Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Protectors of Law - Barbarians at the Gates......

......protecting a depraved culture?

The powerful visuals on the Starnews TV channel on 20th December (later shown by other channels as well) showing police personnel's naked and needless aggression towards hapless couples in a public park in Meerut in U.P., made a strong and indelible impression. Watching the scenes of police manhandling boys and girls in a brutal manner made every decent person's blood boil at the unwarranted slapping, pulling by the hair, beating, pushing and general humiliation of young couples, especially girls in full view of the public and TV cameras. So much for our cherished fundamental freedoms!

Shock, disbelief and outrage filled those watching this display of barbarians ostensibly protecting girls from eve teasers but targeting girls and boys who were simply there together. The sense of shock turned to disgust when the SSP brazenly said that he would look into the matter only if a complaint was made to him but not on the basis of TV news!

These naked displays of the sick psyche of the police should make every one wonder whether the five thousand year old culture that we never tire of praising is reduced to such a debasement.

It is true that the National Human Rights Commission as well as the National Women's Council promptly took suo moto cognisance of the senseless acts and Parliament also took notice. The U.P. Government has since suspended a few police personnel in the line of hierarchy and has promised to look into the possiblity of booking the concerned police persons directly involved, under IPC if applicable.

But clearly suspensions, dismissals or words of condemnation are not enough. Even if strong action is taken against a few policemen, by the State Government or by the NHRC or NWC, it would not be enough to sanitize the uncivillized culture that is all-pervasive and of which every one is part and equally responsible.

And, with all due respect to the Parliament, its sense of shame should be more for events like these than for a few MPs who were lured into taking money
. After all, the corruption and other forms of moral degradations that are manifesting themselves in the present times, are a product of the society that we live in.

The nation needs to introspect deeply whether we are fit to consider ourselves a civillized society.

Shame on us, the people of India!


At December 22, 2005, Anonymous DP Asthana, Lucknow said...

Mulayam Singh who is also the Home Minister, should resign as Chief Minister of the Dasyu Raj in U.P.

At December 23, 2005, Anonymous Jeet Sharan said...

Neither the government nor the people's representatives want to think about the real social factors and how to change without diluting our 'true' culture.

At December 23, 2005, Anonymous C.S. Yadav, Kanpur said...

There should be President's rule in UP because Mr. Mulayam Singh is allowing these things due to his own compulsions.


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