Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ministry of Commerce & Industry - Functioning

Surprises never cease!

In an earlier article, the pleasant experience a friend had about the proactive Minister of Commerce & Industry, Kamal Nath, was narrated.

In yet another surprise, he now has a similar experience about the officials in the Ministry who execute the policy directions and who have already been taking quick actions

It seems that these committed officials are working sincerely to improve the working of the Ministry and bring the execution of the improvements to their logical conclusion.

Clearly, there is motivation and the will to take actions in Udyog Bhavan which needs to be recognized and appreciated.



At August 11, 2005, Anonymous Shantanu Roy said...

This must be an exception.

The general impression about all government departments is that they are indifferent and least interested in any improvements which will change their present working ways.

At August 15, 2005, Blogger Krish said...

I think the bane of Indian Democracy is that, it gives no more than age as the criterion for Ministers, while it gives so much tests for the an Officer, I would hardly have any respect for a minister, who doesnt know anything other than to save his post!...A minister who doesnt understand his portfolio cant command respect from his officers, n even if he is well-intentioned, his actions will not be carried out by the officers!


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